Amid Russian Invasion, Credit Cards Block Steam Purchases

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The ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia has caused a chain reaction to different aspects of Russian markets, including Steam, Valve’s digital video game distribution service, as all credit card purchases have reportedly failed.

A series of transaction failures have been reported by Steam Status on their Twitter account, as credit cards across Russian territory appear to have either been taken out of service by their parent companies or just another service outage against the decision. of Russia to invade Ukraine.

Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, huge business conglomerates have decided to pull out of the CIS region or halt their services until political tensions are clarified, although there have been massive support in the interests of Ukraine.

That being said, transaction failures on Steam are yet another type of retaliation in the attempted peace treaty that the world demands.

Earlier, the organizers of BLAST Premier decided to end the qualifiers for the CIS region as they banned teams from participating in their tournaments until further notice.

Similarly, Ukrainian esports organization WePlay Esports terminated contracts with its partners in the Russian Federation. Regardless of any judgement, the world stands against the ongoing invasion and the Esports community has undoubtedly been part of the resistance.

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