Cleaning Tips

When you are a home owner worried about the dangers of allowing house cleaners and nannies back into your home, keep in mind that it is the cleaner who faces the greatest risk of getting infected with the bacteria and viruses found in your home. You can minimize the risks that your cleaner faces by keeping your home clean, disinfecting all surfaces with bleach and disinfecting these surfaces before allowing them to enter the rooms in which they will be working. House cleaning miami is another thing that you should be doing while you are in charge of your children and pets as well.

Keep a schedule for your cleaning, and ensure that you have all the materials needed for the cleaning. Make sure that you know when your house will need cleaning, especially if it has been several days since the last cleaning. Make sure that you get your materials ready at least a week or two before you do the actual cleaning. Make sure that you clean everything in the room that your cleaners will be entering, including the flooring, tables, chairs, rugs, carpets, bed linen and curtains. Clean everything from the kitchen to the bathrooms to the bedrooms. You can do this without disturbing other people, but it is best to leave them alone so that you don’t risk their reaction. You can use disinfectant and antiseptic products to kill the bacteria that may be present in your home.

Before you let any cleaners into the house, make sure to remove all items from the cupboards, drawers and closets. Take away all toys, small electronic items and vacuum cleaners. Once you have cleaned all the furniture and other surfaces, your cleaner can then go in and remove the dust and the dirt from the furniture. For large rooms, you can use a vacuum cleaner to do the vacuuming for the room, then put the furniture back in place. After the cleaning is done, you can disinfect the surfaces again. Make sure that you wash your hands after each cleaning so that you do not transfer the germs from one surface to another.