Daphne police capture 3 suspects who broke into vehicles and stole credit cards

DAPHNE, Alabama (WKRG) – Daphne Police Department officials said they have arrested three people who are believed to be involved in a car burglary in the area.

A woman said she was getting into her vehicle and about to leave Trione Park when she noticed her wallet was missing. She went straight to the Daphne Police Department to report it. Her phone alerted her that her credit cards were used.

Daphne Police Department Captain Brian Gulsby said the victim came to report the crime at the right time.

“They had recent charges against Dicks Sporting Goods, and there happened to be two officers nearby and they encountered these three people behind the building carrying bags of Dicks Sporting Goods,” Gulsby said.

Police have captured three suspects: Diego Roman Cortez Rojas, 37, Luis Eduardo Chavarria Montoya, 33, and Mauricio Alfredo Gonzalez Reyes, 31, all from South Florida. Police say the trio hired a white Mercedes and stuffed it full of merchandise.

The vehicle was found with over $1,000 worth of merchandise from Dicks Sporting Goods, Bass Pro Shop and Game Stop, as well as a stolen wallet which will be returned with the victim. That’s not all the Daphne police found, however.

“We recovered burglary tools, a window punch and a crowbar, which would certainly lead us to believe that they are involved in the business of B&E vehicles, but if they did Daphne’s over the weekend -end or not, we don’t know yet,” Gulsby said.

All three suspects will be transferred to Baldwin County Jail Thursday morning and their charges will be determined. It’s still an ongoing investigation.