Exclusive credit cards for the super rich

Credit cards aimed at the ultra-rich offer insane rewards and lavish perks, with American Express’ Centurion Card being considered perhaps the most desirable piece of plastic.

The Amex Black Card, as it is commonly known, has seen many competitors enter the market in recent years, trying to differentiate themselves, whether through unique travel rewards, culinary experiences, expensive gifts or manufacturing of the physical card from a precious metal.

These cards are mostly invite-only offers, depending on your bank balance and investable assets, and come with steep initiation fees and annual membership fees.

Here are the most exclusive credit cards in the world and how much they cost:

American Express Centurion Card

  • Initiation fee: R153,000 ($10,000)
  • Annual subscription : R76,500 ($5,000)
  • Minimum spend: more than R3,800,000 ($250,000)

The Amex Centurion was first introduced in 1999 to meet the special needs of American Express’ biggest spenders.

Exclusivity is the main draw of the Amex Centurion, according to Forbes, and the air of mystery surrounding the card is enhanced by the fact that someone can only get their hands on it by invitation.

“The criteria used to determine if you are worthy of the card are completely unknown; however, if you are not on a first name basis with your American Express representative, the Amex Centurion is likely not in your wheelhouse,” Forbes said.

CreditCardInsider reports that according to online superstition, to get noticed by guests, you need to charge between R3,800,000 ($250,000) and R6,800,000 ($450,000) on your standard American Express card.

The most attractive benefit of American Express for Amex Centurion cardholders is that they can get 50% discounts on airline tickets purchased with American Membership Rewards points. Other rewards include a 24/7 personal concierge who can arrange event tickets, flight reservations, elite status with Delta Airlines, hotel reservations and car rentals. car.

JP Morgan Reserve Card

  • Annual subscription : R9,123 ($595)
  • Minimum spend: N/A

The premium card provided by Chase is the JP Morgan Reserve. As another invite-only card, it is only available to people with $10 million in assets.

Each gram of the 27g palladium metal card costs $83 (based on current market value), bringing the value of the card to $2,241 (R34,300).

The Reserve Card offers its owners premium travel benefits, up to $300 in annual travel credit, meals and savings with Chase’s Ultimate Rewards. The most unique reward with this card is unlimited free deliveries for restaurants that use DoorDash or other US delivery services.

A cardholder also has access to private dining events where reservations, takeout or seating are arranged.

Dubai First Royal Mastercard

Dubai First Royal

  • Registration fees: R29,100 (AED7,000)
  • Annual fees: Unknown
  • Minimum spend: No minimum spend or maximum credit limit.

Dubai’s first Royal Card is another invite-only credit card available exclusively to the ultra-rich.

The card itself is trimmed in gold and features a 0.235 carat diamond on the front side. According to the bank’s website, it is “desired by many but attainable by only a select few”.

The requirements needed to be considered for this card are unknown, as are many of the benefits it enjoys. The Dubai Firsts Royale card has no credit limits and no restrictions, allowing the more affluent to enjoy complete financial freedom. One of the most impressive rewards is a 24/7 “lifestyle manager” whose job it is to meet all of the cardholder’s needs.

Mastercard Gold Card

  • Initiation fee: N/A
  • Annual subscription : R15,260 $995 (R4,500 ($295) for each authorized user added to the account)
  • Minimum spend: unknown

Mastercard Gold is a luxury credit card for the super-rich who are happy to keep a 24-karat gold-plated credit card in their wallet. The 22g card itself is equivalent to approximately R20,900 (based on the current price of 24 karat gold).

Forbes pointed out that the card offers 1 point per dollar on purchases. “Points are worth 2 [US] cents each when redeemed for an airline ticket or cash back,” Forbes said.

Other rewards include, but are not limited to, $200 annual airline credit, 0% foreign transaction fees for each US dollar transaction, and luxury travel services including 24/7 concierge.

Chase Sapphire Reserve Card

  • Annual subscription : R9,100 ($595)
  • Minimum spend fee: unknown

The Chase Sapphire Reserve Card is aimed primarily at wealthy businessmen who travel frequently. The card’s benefits are geared more toward travel than lifestyle rewards.

The Sapphire Reserve is not an invite-only card, and therefore much of the card’s exclusivity comes not from the mystery surrounding it, but from the high fees required to become a cardholder.

Benefits include $300 annual travel credit and 3 points on travel and dining purchases; those with this card can access more than 1,300 airport lounges worldwide when enrolled in the Priority Pass Select program. In addition, cardholders benefit from dedicated travel assistance.

Carte Blanche Stratus

  • Initiation fee: N/A
  • Annual subscription : R22,900 ($1,500)
  • Minimum spend fee: unknown

The Stratus White card stands out among the other cards on this list, adopting a more understated look. Despite its appearance, this credit card is invite-only. Once invited or appointed, they must pay the hefty annual fee of R22,900.

CreditCardInsider reports that you may need to spend at least R1,527,000 ($500,000) per year to get an invite for this card. Once the annual fee is paid, the cardholder can redeem rewards for charter flights or even private flights.

President of Citi American Express Card

  • Initiation fee: N/A
  • Annual subscription : R7,660($500)
  • Credit limit: According to rumours, R4,580,000 ($300,000)

The Citi Chairman is an invite-only card for people with high credit scores and high monthly incomes.

According to Cry of creditfor every dollar charged by the cardholder will receive ThankYou points from Citi, which they can redeem for hotel stays, flights and merchandise.

Other perks include 24/7 concierge services, 24-hour emergency travel — which includes everything from medical and legal referrals to help with lost luggage — and VIP upgrades at specific hotels.

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