Google Wallet to allow users to travel without a credit card or ID

Have you ever wondered about traveling without carrying credit/debit cards, IDs or vaccination certificates? Google will soon introduce a digital wallet that will allow Android users to travel without any ID. The new Google Wallet will save your documents digitally and will be available in over 40 countries. The Google Wallet will be the new digital wallet for Android and Wear OS devices.

What is Google Wallet used for?

A Google Wallet can save your bank cards, concert tickets, driver’s license, vaccination certificates and more in digital form. The Google Wallet will allow you to travel without carrying them. If you misplace or lose any of the documents mentioned above, you no longer need to panic as the digital form will be valid. For example, if you lose your debit card or credit card, you don’t have to wait for a replacement bank card. You can still use your Google Wallet because a virtual number will be associated with it.

Similarly, you can save your concert tickets or boarding pass in your wallet and you will be reminded of them beforehand through a notification on your smartphone.

If your smartphone is stolen, it will be very difficult for anyone to use your cards stored on Google Wallet. In the worst case, you can even wipe the details from Google Wallet using the “Find my device” option.

Who can use Google Wallet?

Google Wallet will not be limited to expensive smartphones alone. On the contrary, it will also be available on cheaper smartphones. The Google Wallet can be developed by any Android developer. This means it can be widely used by a variety of Android smartphones.

Google has partnered with hundreds of transit agencies, retailers, ticket providers, health agencies, and airlines so they can create digital versions of their maps or tickets for Google Wallet . A user can add a card or ticket directly in Wallet, or in business apps or sites that Google has partnered with.

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