Op-Ed: ‘Bidencash’ Credit Cards – Since When Has The Dark Net Been Doing Alt-Right Propaganda?

Network cables plugged into a server. — © Michael Bocchieri/AFP/Getty Images

About a million credit cards are for sale on the dark net under the endearing name of “Bidencash”. Could have been called Teddy Bear Cash, but no. Maybe FOX News isn’t reaching that audience. Maybe someone can’t help spreading the message. You would never guess that the midterms are only a few weeks away.

Either way, the numbers are pretty horrifying. About fifty countries are concerned, with the US as usual having the most to lose. This is a fairly common practice; the data is valuable and sold, then the buyers do the mining and money laundering.

Nothing to see here, you think. You would be wrong. It reflects the real value of the sacred parasites of money laundering. It is a virtual underworld economy, entirely based on fraud and theft.

It also reflects the total lack of concern for internet safety and applicable laws. For decades online theft has been a part of life. Was it shut down or seriously deterred? Nothing of the kind.

Of course, the logic is consistent. The normal business of government is:

  • Casting tantrums at the expense of the world
  • Financing organized crime with prohibitionist laws
  • Make the world safe for plutocracy, no matter how crazy
  • Do nothing about the risks to the public

… So “Bidencash” is an almost normal thing. Except for the political reference. Who thinks like that? Who thinks ‘Bidencash’ is a selling point for criminals?

Geniuses, of course. Somewhere thousands of light-years to the right of the decimal point after their IQ’s desperate zero, that makes “Bidencash” more appealing.

You can actually hear the conversation:

“My God, (laughs) I have Bidencash!” said Idiot 1.

“You patriot, you.” said Idiot 2.

Good? Do you see any working theories on who or what might be doing branding? It’s not called “Trumpcash”, is it? Why?

Since when has the Dark Net been so interested in politics? Again, why? Who are they talking to to make ‘Bidencash’ a good idea?

The non-credit card dilemma

One way to end the constant attacks on people’s credit cards could be:

Any use or attempt to use the credit card after the illegal access time is a criminal offence.

The offense is punishable by a fine of $50,000 and 2 years in prison per operation.

… But that would be a regulation, wouldn’t it? Nobody would want that. Particularly criminal.

Connect the dots and find out how it was put together. Now figure out who is funding the Alt-Right.


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