Robber stole guns and credit cards from elderly man and told neighbors he was dead

A deviant man who cruelly broke into an elderly man’s home before ransacking the property and stealing £9,500 has been jailed.

Craig Holmes, has now been behind bars for two years and four months after stealing antique weapons during the raid and redirecting a credit card to his own address before racking up huge bills.

The former mechanic’s life had spiraled out of control in recent years after his mother died, he injured his knee and then started taking amphetamines.

His victim in his mid-70s suffers from dementia and had been placed in a nursing home years before the crimes were committed.

This week a court heard how cruel Holmes falsely told the man’s neighbors that the victim was dead and left the house for him when they saw him outside the property of the victim, according to Derbyshire Live.

The 47-year-old father of two then broke into the house twice within days, took the weapons and financial documents during what his lawyer called a period in the defendant’s life when he “completely lost his moral compass”.

Sentencing Holmes to two years and four months, Judge Simon Gurney, said: ‘(The victim) was an elderly, vulnerable man who suffers from dementia and who moved to a care home in 2019, after being released from the hospital after being treated for a benign tumor.

“When the police came to his home, they found an outside mailbox that anyone could access to intercept mail.

“Important assets have been stolen and there is evidence of extensive planning.

“This was a concerted offense against a man unable to detect your offence.

Gregor Purcell, prosecuting, said the offenses began in May 2019 at the Derbyshire home.

He said the victim, then 70, had left the property in Paxton Street, Tapton, about six or seven years earlier, but left it fully furnished and with ‘valuable antiques’ inside .

Mr Purcell said: ‘Neighbors saw the defendant outside the property and he told them the owner had died and had inherited him and two other properties.

“It was all a lie, as the victim was now living in a nursing home.

“On the same day, a neighbor heard knocking outside and it was this defendant who used something like a crowbar to break into the house.

“Four days later, a blue car on fake plates was seen outside the property and this defendant was removing items from inside and putting them in the trunk of his car.”

Mr Purcell said Homes, of Somerset Drive, Brimmington, near Chesterfield, was arrested and questioned and later released under investigation.

He said that during this period further police work revealed a fraud where the accused redirected a credit card in the victim’s name to her address and spent £9,500 and managed to apply for mail order accounts for goods.

Holmes, who appeared at the hearing via a video link from HMP Leicester, pleaded guilty to charges of burglary and fraud.

He limited prior convictions that began when he was in his 40s.

William Bennett, mitigating, said his client had worked with HGVs and had his own business servicing such vehicles.

He said, “Why did he get in trouble?”

“He has a serious knee injury, his mother passed away and he seems to be having a complete midlife crisis and seems to have completely lost his moral compass.

“He is a man who raised his children as a single parent.

“I asked him what else was going on in his life and he told me he had started using amphetamines a lot.”

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