Startup helps businesses use credit cards with a ‘Kleer’ conscience – The Suffolk News-Herald

A new option is available for small and large businesses that want more options for their business credit card.

Cousins ​​and Suffolk natives Adam Alphin and Owen Hill started KleerCard to help businesses of all sizes, especially small and medium-sized businesses, gain clarity and agility with their credit cards.

Alphin has been working in the coding software industry since graduating from Virginia Tech. He worked for Coupa software, a global technology platform for enterprise expense management, for 6.5 years, working primarily with Fortune 500 companies.

Already thinking about how this technology could benefit small businesses, he heard a complaint from his brother-in-law about business credit cards. Owner of KCW Contracting in Suffolk, he regularly fired employees who misused their business credit card.

Hill being a small business owner himself with a PhD in economics with a major in finance, the two started KleerCard in 2020. As the company slowly takes off, they focus on helping small and medium-sized businesses . However, they are open to all interested large companies.

“What we have applies to businesses of all sizes,” Alphin said. “We want to help businesses spend more efficiently with greater clarity and agility.”

KleerCard’s goal is to have a business credit card that owners can easily monitor and control. Cards can be budgeted and restricted to certain items only to reduce the risk of mishandling by employees. Owners also receive notifications each time a card is used for an easy way to track spending.

Among other benefits, KleerCard sends reports to credit agencies to help businesses create business credit, physical and virtual card options, and automated accounting.

“We provide all the tools to help companies make better and more qualitative financial decisions,” said Alphin.

KleerCard currently has 750 customers nationwide. Most are located in Hampton Roads and Colorado Springs, where Hill currently lives. Clients include small businesses, churches, and nonprofit organizations.

Anyone interested can visit or email Adam Alphin for a demo at [email protected]