The “Green Goblin Gang” attacks the New York subway; 2 girls injured, credit cards, phone purses snatched

The mother of one of the girl victims dubbed the group of women who attacked the “Green Goblin Gang”. He said his daughter and her friend were attacked by “totally animals”. They should be punished.

Video of subway attack goes viral on social media

Image Credit Source: Social Media

social media But a video goes viral in which America New York City In a subway train, a group of female robbers make a racket and also violently beat up two girls. In this video clip shared on Reddit, it is seen that a group of about six women who are wearing a bodied green dress and these people are seen hitting the people sitting there repeatedly. According to the social media post, the incident happened on the Times Square subway train at 2am on Sunday.

According to the New York Post, two 19-year-old girls were assaulted by a group of women who completely dressed up in neon green jumpsuits. Police said they seized her cell phone, credit card, purse and other items.

The attackers belonged to the “Green Goblin Gang”: the mother of the victim

Speaking to the outlet, the mother of one of the victims dubbed the women’s group the “Green Goblin Gang”. He said his daughter and her friend were attacked by “complete beasts” on Sunday.

Large group of women in green suits fighting with 2 other women on the N train to Astoria last night around 2am of New York

In a chat with the Post, the mother said, “She said she was attacked by aliens, so I couldn’t figure out who she was talking about.” He said: ‘This is how my daughter celebrated her 19th birthday. I hope the attackers get the punishment they deserve and because it is a very despicable act.

“The victim had come home from university on the weekend”

Additionally, the mother said her daughter is enrolled in business and international business school at a college in Florida and returned home this weekend to visit family in Queens. He said, “She was coming home from college. But now he is having X-rays and a CT scan.

He also said his daughter was seriously injured in the head by “10 grown women”. He is in unbearable pain. When she breathes, she feels pain. The mother of the victim girl said that in a video, it can be seen that a woman kicked a girl and her leg got stuck in my daughter’s purse. My daughter is young. She is 5 feet 4 inches tall. The aggrieved mother said city and state authorities should pay attention to such horrific incidents.