Why Jessica Simpson doesn’t have working credit cards

A lot of people think that celebrities can afford anything they want. To some extent this may be true. Often the rich and famous don’t pay much attention to price and have been known to spend their fortunes on designer clothes, expensive jewelry, fancy cars, and amazing homes. While not all celebrities have an endless budget, the vast majority of them are generally not shy about doing things like spending money on restaurants or buying a great new pair of shoes.

When it comes to Jessica Simpson, finances have never seemed to be an issue – at least in the past. The pop star-turned-designer has always had very expensive tastes, and her success in music and fashion has allowed her to live extravagantly. Things may be a little different now, so let’s dig a little deeper into why Jessica Simpson doesn’t have a working credit card.

Jessica Simpson | Randy Holmes via Getty Images

Simpson has a limited budget

Going to fast food is something almost everyone does on a regular basis, and the prices of food offered at most chains are no reason to think twice! Even so, Simpson, who is known for eating at some of the fanciest — as well as the most expensive — restaurants around, recently had an experience at Taco Bell that made headlines.

So what happened? Well, the explosion reports that the bubbly designer stopped for a quick bite to eat, and when she handed over her credit card, it was declined. While it might not be something Simpson is used to, she laughed it off, saying “I’m on a budget!”

Why Simpson doesn’t have working credit cards

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What could have happened to get Simpson’s credit card declined at a budget fast food chain? It turns out the savvy businesswoman has poured all her money into expanding her fashion brand, and while it hasn’t been easy, she knows it will be worth it in the end. During a recent talk show appearance, Simpson revealed that “I don’t have a working credit card.”

She made sure to add that “It’s OK. I will pay cash. While many people would be extremely worried if this happened to them, the designer knows she needs to invest money to help her brand grow. Said Simpson of the situation, “I’ll say anything if I’m running the show because I believe in myself and I know what I can do.” It’s amazing that she has so much faith and determination, and fans surely wish her nothing but the best.

How did Simpson make her fortune?

The talented Simpson stepped into the limelight at a young age, signing her first recording contract at the age of 16. Since then, she’s been nearly unstoppable, and following the release of her debut Studio album in 1999, fans just couldn’t get enough.

According to Silver Inc., Simpson has been involved in different business ventures over the years. She rose to fame as a reality TV star, making a name for herself alongside her then-husband, Nick Lachey, on their show, Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica. It wasn’t long before Simpson made his big screen debut, appearing in films such as The Dukes of Hazard and Employee of the month.

After proving her success as an actress, her career took another direction when she decided to enter the fashion industry. All of these endeavors have helped Simpson build his own empire, amassing a jaw-dropping net worth of $200 million.

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