WinCo Foods stores in Oklahoma City will stop accepting credit cards

WinCo Foods’ three metro locations in Oklahoma City will stop accepting credit cards on August 1.

In a Facebook post, the company said the policy is a measure of economy.

“It was a tough decision, made after a long and thoughtful journey, but with inflation so high, it was important for us to do everything we could to keep our prices low,” the company said.

The decision appears to align the company’s central stores in Oklahoma with existing policies at other WinCo stores across the country. Although stores no longer accept credit cards, customers will still be able to use cash, debit cards, checks, EBT, WIC and WinCo gift cards as methods of payment.

“At WinCo, our goal is to offer the same quality products that other stores offer, but at overall lower prices combined. There are many different strategies and features that help us achieve this; and the elimination of fees credit card is one of them,” the company said. said in the Facebook post.

“At this point, the rates we pay on each credit card transaction are significantly higher than debit card rates, and while other stores simply pass that cost on to their customers via higher prices in their stores (or additional costs), with rising inflation costs, it has become extremely difficult to absorb this additional expense while remaining true to our mission of being the region’s leading low-cost supermarket. “

Inflation, along with supply chain disruptions and the lingering economic effect of the COVID-19 pandemic and international conflict have fueled rising prices in grocery stores. To ease this pressure, Oklahoma officials considered eliminating the state sales tax on groceries, but an agreement has not yet been reached.